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Тема в разделе "Mac OS X", создана пользователем monoton88, 10 фев 2019.

Модераторы: Archiby
  1. monoton88

    monoton88 Создатель

    24 фев 2018
    Тип издания: macOS Software
    Релиз состоялся: 2019
    Поддерживаемая ОС: macOS 10.13.4 +
    Разработчик: Bohemian Coding
    Официальный сайт: ссылка

    Язык интерфейса: Английский

    Лечение: не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен)

    Системные требования:
    • macOS 10.13.4 или более поздняя версия,
    • Intel, 64-разрядный процессор

    Sketch от Bohemian Coding — один из лучших векторных редакторов под macOS!
    Разработка современных приложений немыслима без работы дизайнера, а дизайнеру для работы необходимо соответствующее программное обеспечение. В основном для разработки дизайна используются Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop и другие профессиональные графические редакторы, но есть и специализированные решения. Недавно вышла третья версия векторного редактора Sketch, ориентированного в первую очередь на создание графики для программ.

    Sketch – настоящий векторный редактор содержащий в себе великое множество действительно мощных инструментов позволяющих проводить всевозможные манипуляции с векторной графикой.

    Major performance improvements when working with complex documents containing many prototyping flows.
    Fill Popover All-new fill popover with improved features and collapsible sections.

    Override Management You can now manage which overridable properties appear directly in the Symbol’s master.

    Overrides Overrides in Symbols can now be selected via the Layer List, and in the Canvas when the Symbol instance is selected.

    Snapping Improvements Snapping has been much improved overall when moving or resizing layers.


    Added the ability to navigate directly to a nested Symbol’s master from the Inspector
    Improved management of Data sources and suppliers in Preferences and menus
    Improved the Convert to Outlines feature where both differently colored subranges of text and decorations, such as underlines, are now retained
    Improved prototyping playback by now remembering the scroll position of the previous screen when going back
    Improved performance when adjusting Inspector properties for multiple selected layers
    Further improved the appearance of Layer List icons for non-Retina displays
    Long Symbol titles are now truncated as expected in the Update Components view
    When a Symbol is detached a background layer is now created to represent the background color of the Symbol master
    Nested imported Symbols can now be detached by pressing the Option key while detaching their parent Symbol
    Further improved performance in the Canvas for documents containing many Artboards
    Selection handles are now hidden while moving layers around the Canvas
    Sketch now hides the other resize handles when resizing a layer
    Grid and Layout visibility can now be toggled for all selected Artboards
    Improved the way available updates to remote Libraries are reported in Sketch
    Improved snapping while resizing Artboards so they can now snap to their contents
    Improved snapping while resizing multiple layers to indicate equal distances between the selection and other nearby layers
    Improved snapping for rotated layers
    Layers moved within nested groups now snap to the edges of their parent Artboard
    Improved the way shapes resize after being flipped on their axis
    Improved Smart Guides performance when interacting with multi-selections in complex documents
    When joining open paths with curves, those curves are now better respected
    Closing a curved path will join the ends with a curve segment
    Added new Artboard preset sizes for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
    Added more Artboard presets for Paper Sizes A0 - A3
    You can now open documents and select layers directly via the Sketch url scheme

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug where imported WebP images with transparency wouldn’t appear as expected
    Fixed a bug where rotated lines could disappear when resizing their parent group
    Fixed a rendering bug where layer resize handles would appear to lag behind the layer’s content when moved
    Fixed a bug where Library Update previews would render in mismatched color profile
    Fixed a bug where a Symbols page wouldn’t be created in certain cases when unlinking imported Symbols
    Fixed a bug where checkmarks wouldn’t always be displayed in submenus for applied Style overrides
    Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS High Sierra when copying Artboards containing paths from imported PDFs
    Fixed a bug where Hotspot layers created from rotated layers might not be shown as expected in the Canvas
    Fixed a bug where Symbol instances with background colors wouldn’t be rendered in prototypes with fixed headers
    Fixed a bug where copying and pasting an Artboard containing a Symbol with Hotspot would not show the flow instantly
    Fixed a bug where Slice background colors wouldn’t be included in exports when selecting to Export group contents only
    Fixed a bug where the appearance of bitmap layers might differ from image fills even when their adjusted opacity values matched
    Fixed a bug where borders with particular opacity values might appear as if they were clipped
    Fixed a bug where Grids and Layouts might appear to visible beyond the edges of their Artboard in rare cases
    Fixed a bug where a text contained within a fixed width text layer would change its position unexpectedly when resizing
    Fixed a bug where an open path would be closed if resized as part of a group
    Fixed a bug where resizing multiple small layers at small sizes could have them jump between pixels
    Fixed various bugs with rotated gradients in SVG exports
    Fixed a bug where rotated gradients weren’t rotated as expected in SVG imports
    Fixed a bug where the winding rule for a complex path’s fill might be ignored when importing SVGs
    Fixed a bug where nested Symbols and Shared Styles wouldn’t always be sorted in menus as expected, especially when spaces were used in the nested naming structure
    Fixed a bug where applied Shared Style overrides weren’t retained when copying and pasting Symbols between documents
    Fixed a bug where a Shared Style created from a text layer that had been converted to outlines wrongly listed the Layer Style as a being Text Style instead
    Fixed a crash that could occur when converting paths with dashed patterns to outlines
    Fixed a minor glitch which could occur when snapping to two different edges at once
    Fixed a bug that prevented layers from snapping to the baseline of a flipped text layer
    Fixed a bug where Export specs applied to a selected Artboard would be removed when creating a Symbol from the Artboard
    Fixed a bug where Lines couldn’t be locked to all expected angles when inserted while holding the Shift key
    Fixed a bug where dragging Symbols across the Canvas would cause performance degradation in some complex documents
    Fixed a bug related to Data feeds that could lead to memory usage increasing unexpectedly over time
    Fixed a bug where selected points in the vector editor wouldn’t snap to the edges of their Artboard
    Fixed a bug where Smart Guides might be shown when inserting layers even when they were set to be hidden
    Fixed a bug where resizing a line wouldn’t snap to the edges of its Artboard
    Fixed a bug where snap lines might not appear correctly at certain zoom levels
    Fixed various issues where detached instances wouldn’t look identical to their Symbol master
    Fixed a bug where selected Text Styles weren’t properly applied while editing text layers
    Fixed a bug where distributing points in the vector editor on an Artboard with negative positional values could unexpectedly resize the path
    Fixed a bug where the Join command wouldn’t join flipped paths together properly
    Fixed a bug where Sketch could become unresponsive when detaching many Symbol instances
    Fixed a bug where shadows with a negative spread in Symbol instances were clipped
    Fixed a bug where dashed borders could cause shapes to cast the wrong shadow
    Fixed a bug where group bounds might be incorrect after scaling layers inside them
    Fixed a bug where removing segments from a flipped path with the Scissor tool would reset the transform
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    18 авг 2015
    Sketch 53.1
    • Разработчик: Bohemian Coding
    • Системные требования: macOS 10.13.4 или более новая
    • Язык интерфейса: Английский
    • Таблетка: K'ed by TNT
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